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Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate

          Smart Irrigation Controllers Urged by the District

Many people start up their underground irrigation systems in April and May of each year. Often the zone settings, as far as length of time each zone runs, is set for the season and not changed. This is a huge waste of water and places a strain on our aquifer which is our only source of drinking water. Your lawn does not require as much water in the spring as it does in the middle of the summer so we urge our customers to install Smart Irrigation Controllers. These controllers monitor the local weather station and adjust the amount of water flow to your lawn based on the daily weather conditions. The estimated cost for a Smart Controller is $150. A Smart Controller could reduce your water use and lower your water bill. In most cases, the Controller pays for itself in the first year. Upgrade your irrigation system and install a Smart Controller so you can save money and help preserve the aquifer. The District is offering a $100 rebate (as a credit on your bill) for the first 20 residents who sign up and qualify. For more information, please contact the District at 798-5266.

To apply for the rebate, please complete this form and a District representative will call you to follow-up with details of the program.