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Joseph T. Tricarico is a resident of the Massapequas since 1965 and served as Deputy Commissioner of Highways in the Town of Oyster Bay before retiring in 2010. During his 36 year career, responsibility included various supervisory positions and an extensive background in representing the Town as a subject matter expert in testimony at depositions and in litigated court cases. A graduate of SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in Business Administration, Joseph applied these skills in various areas including but not limited to: budget, scheduling, environmental issues, municipal operations and public relations. Joseph is active in the community and expresses a desire to maintain the quality of life that he learned to appreciate as a Massapequa resident. With his knowledge in municipal projects, Joseph brings significant experience to the Massapequa Water District since joining the Board on September 5, 2012. Contact Commissioner Joseph T. Tricarico at Massapequa Water District (516) 798-5269.